Transitional Visits

What are “transitional visits”?

  • Transitional visits are an opportunity for you the parent to spend time with your child in their new environment. It is an opportunity to get to know one another and discuss sleeping, eating, toileting, programs, behaviour management, etc

How many transitional visits should I do?

  • We recommend three to four transitional visits in our babies’ house; two to three transitional visits in our toddlers’ room; and one to two transitional visits in our kindy room.

How long should I stay?

  • We recommend two hours for each session.

What to expect in your “transitional visits”:

  • In your first visit we feel it is important for you to get to know the staff and share information regarding your child i.e. home routine, sleeping patterns, allergies, bottles, food likes/dislikes, toileting…

  • In your second visit we will follow a similar format to the first visit i.e. a play session and further discuss of routine, etc; we would also like to include a meal session.

  • In your third and fourth visit we focus on the sleep session. We recommend you arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to sleep time. This will allow your child to participate in a play session before your child goes to sleep.

For further questions or clarification please speak to Jess or Chelsea 


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