Our School Age Room

Here in the School Age Room our main goal is to provide a variety of fun experiences incorporated with life learning opportunities. Our children learn to improve and maintain self help skills, taking responsibility and engage in positive peer interactions.



There are no Schoolies Room birthdays this month




During the school holiday's the children got to attend an excursion at a Wildlife Park. They got the opportunity to admire some of Australians native animals such as Kangaroos. Some of the children even got to experience the feel of a snake! Such brave schoolies we have here at Kidz Kingdom. 

What Have We Been Doing?

During the school holidays, our time was divided between outdoor play in the mornings, and indoor activities in the afternoons. We’re very fortunate in Perth to have many beautiful parks. Many of the parks have an excellent variety of outdoor equipment for the children to exercise and play on, in particular, the Adventure Park at Bibra Lake provided the children with many natural outdoor activities. They had fun climbing, swinging on the flying fox, digging for dinosaur fossils and playing under the water sprays, and they particularly loved the tree house bridge. In Theatre Gardens and Braithwaite Park, they enjoyed games of Hide and Seek, and Catch and Possums. At Point Walter the children were very engrossed in hunting for and observing insects and lizards in their natural habitat. In Hyde Park they enjoyed playing in all the water fountains and going under the bucket showers, and they invented a game of Catch and Chase utilising a big circular mosaic on the park grounds. We had many pleasurable mornings in these lovely parks.

Now that the school term has begun we have been focussing on many literacy and numeracy activities within our schoolies room. Things like board games and outdoor activities have been our favourite so far! 

Do At Home Activity

Slime Fun At Home
  • cornflour
  • food colouring
  • a small mixing bowl
  • water.

What to do

  1. Pour some cornflour into a mixing bowl.
  2. Stir in small amounts of water until the cornflour has become a very thick paste.
  3. To make the slime the colour of your choice, thoroughly stir about five drops of food colouring into the mixture.
  4. Stir your slime REALLY slowly. This shouldn't be hard to do.
  5. Stir your slime REALLY fast. This should be almost impossible.
  6. Now punch your slime REALLY hard and fast. It should feel like you're punching a solid mass.

You can keep your cornflour and water mixture covered in a fridge for several days. If the cornflour settles, you need to stir it to make it work well again. Enjoy!!