Our 3 - 5 Kindy Room

The Kindy room is a fun learning environment.… Aimed at providing children 3-5 years with stimulating experiences, that will create opportunity for each child to reach their full potential. Programs run based on individual as well as group interests that are documented in learning stories.

While the Kindy Room is structured and encourages self help skills, there is also opportunities for children to explore in free play.




Dinosaur land - a space for children to use their imagination and build upon social skills

We love outdoor play in Kindy! 

Helping hands - watch us help our toddler friends to wash their hands before meal time.

We went on an excursion to our local shops to buy some supplies. 



What Have We Been Doing?

The kindy children have been very interested in the outdoor garden. They recently planted new plants in our vegetable garden, as well as reviving our worm farm which they feed regularly. Because of this interest the educators in the kindy room decided to bring the  outdoors in and provide the children with a pretend garden indoors. Having this play space is teaching the children about their environment as well as sustainability practices. 

Do At Home Activity