Our Programs

Our philosophy is the core of our centre – it guides programs, practices and decisions made within our centre. Our philosophy reflects diversity, uniqueness and respect, and maintains a balance between individual backgrounds, child development and appropriate practice, which is instrumental in our program development. Each program is reflected through a stimulating environment that facilitates and supports learning and development through play. Our “Programming Policy” discusses our learning journey.

0 to 2 years

A safe haven, a home away from home. With a friendly atmosphere that is fun loving, and a secure place to be.



2 to 3 years

Very “busy bees” with lots to learn. We are on our way from being dependent babies to independent children who have lots to learn, through different play environments.


3 to 5 years

Providing fun and learning for preparing children for their first steps to school life.


School Age

Where education and fun come together. We enjoy a variety of fun, age appropriate experiences in a warm and friendly atmosphere.